Friday, 24 January 2014

A spot of spotted pardaloting

During a stay at my mother-in-laws place in Sydney I became quite obsessed with Spotted Pardalotes. My obsession started due to a number of artworks she has at her house. This print of two pardalotes has always caught my attention as did a perfectly sculptured and painted pardalote she recently bought in Tasmania. 

I had a few hours to myself over Christmas which I used to do a watercolour painting of the sculpture. I also referred to a field guide of birds to check on some of the details.

I then thought I would use a bit of artistic licence and do a similar painting with the bird in flight (similar to the field guide). This then led to me having a go at designing some fabric from my images.

Just waiting for the test swatch to come now......not sure how the repeat will work, but hopefully the colours will come up well. Hurray for Spotted Pardalotes!

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