Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Open for business and Golden Sun Moths

Oh la la! I now have some fabric available for sale on Spoonflower at the design of nature - by jen. You can order my designs as fabric, wallpaper, wall decals and even wrapping paper. I'm starting small- but have loads of ideas and even plans to start an Etsy shop somewhere down the track. I can customise the prints, so let me know if there is something you see that you would like to tweak a little bit.

One design I haven't written about is my Golden Sun Moth design- one of my more nerd inspired ideas! The Golden Sun Moth is a critically endangered moth found in south eastern Australia. It's not the most intelligently designed species as the adult form does not have any functional mouthparts and therefore can't feed (who came up with that idea?!). 

Female Golden Sun Moth. Source: Leo (flickr)

Golden Sun Moth habitat - Wallaby Grass.

The idea to design fabric using this species came from not being able to find many baby/children's homewares or decor with Australian species a bit more exciting than koalas and kangaroos. It took me two years since I printed some test samples of designs to get around to sewing something using the fabric. This was the end product and was given to my daughter for Christmas.

I think it's a little bit ironic to have moths as a design on fabric! Don't think it's been done before!